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Fairhope, Village of Flowers. Internationally acclaimed. Nations in Bloom. Cities in Bloom.

Downtown atop the bluff across the bay from the city of Mobile. Cosmopolitan, world-class shopping in a league with Naples and Carmel. Meet the Merchants at the nearly 100 shops in a two-square-block area! Restaurants galore, art center and galleries, museums, outdoor public art, with the Rose Garden and walking pier just down the hill and a park along the bayfront.



"Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping". Bo Derek

We know where to go! The downtown Fairhope Shopping District is known all over the South, with Ole Bay Mercantile as its flagship store. Minutes away by car or bus are unique high-end shops with store owners waiting and eager to share ideas with you. They ship: home décor, collector’s items, art, jewelry, and more. Heirloom silver, lace, and linens. Let’s go Antiquing. Or a Junk Junket..   -


POINT CLEAR HISTORIC DISTRICT ~ Two miles south of Fairhope

Stroll along the boardwalk on a guided tour of antebellum (pre–Civil War) bayfront homes. Many built by wealthy Southerners who traversed the bay by steamboat. Confederate Rest  Cemetery. Civil War burial ground in a lovely setting. Punta Clara Kitchen. A busy place with aproned women stirring up our favorites. Pralines (with local pecans) jams, cakes, pickles,cheese straws and CANDY! Ample Samples!  -  -



Miss Colleen’s House, a grand Victorian home was built in 1897. Where Niece Dorothy Pacey began the candy kitchen in 1952, a family owned 4 generation business. A Comeback place with MOUNDS of candy samples! also jams, cakes, pecans and pickles.
Sensational!’ Charlie Gibson declared when he brought his TV Road show in. And like everyone else, he fell in love with Mrs. Pacey.


These magical, one-of-a- kind handcrafted treasures were created over more than sixty years,
beginning with Sheldon’s Castle, home of the legendary artist and sculptor, Craig Sheldon.
Filled with artwork inside and out, the house itself is, a work of art. Featured on HGTV,
this unique building is recognized as one of America’s most artistic structures. From floor to
ceiling there is delight to be discovered in every painstaking detail, each created over
lifetimes dedicated to an artistic family legacy.

Most people stand and gawk at the Castles. You are invited into the home and studios of Mosher Castle. Learn how these unique Storybook Castles came to be and enjoy the wonderful artwork throughout your visit. Dean and Pagan Mosher will be your guides.



Art connoisseurs flock to Fairhope’s Tom Jones Pottery. We’ll find this friendly gifted artist at his wheel turning something sensation as we visit. Work is fired at the shop. Through the years, we’ve seen Tom’s work in major home magazines, often his Blue Iris pieces in a high end kitchen setting. Display rooms, and friendly staff will help with your purchases. They ship, all over the world.



Fairhope Single Tax Colony is the oldest and largest in the nation. 1800 leaseholds covering more than 4000 acres are in and about Fairhope. Many downtown buildings as well as residential properties are on rented land. Worldwide interest in Fairhope’s founding. The museum is In the heart of downtown Fairhope next to the welcome center.

From the earliest residents, to modern day this popular museum provides a causal and worthwhile visit. Friendly Guides will be at the front door to invite all to enjoy and explore nearly 5,000 square feet of exhibit space. No admission charge.


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